Sunday, 4 January 2015

Off topic ....... I think that I am getting soft in my old age ........Great Nephew Digby Albert Finlayson Knivett.

An image taken with a mobile phone by my nephews wife Zoe of my great nephew ...... Digby.

The composition of this photograph is in my opinion technically a masterpiece, the intensity of Digbys' stare and concentration on the light source from his '' elephant '' bedside light accentuated by the distribution of the lights intensity creates a very artistic lost and found effect.

If this image had been taken by a professional photographer with professional equipment in a studio it would in my opinion sell a lot of posters.

I wish I could achieve this with wildlife ..... Digby can of course get fairly wild on occasions ! 

The origination rights for this image and all legal copyright, ownership, and rights of reproduction of this image are strictly reserved by Zoe Knivett globally.

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