Wednesday, 14 January 2015

Why ? ...... a little rant !

I have been a qualified Glider pilot in the  past and have done several hours of powered flight, was an enthusiastic member of the Air Training Corps in my youth and have loved aircraft and aviation throughout my life.

Flying is growing in popularity with aircraft and helicopter ownership increasing, more and more people are gaining their private pilots licenses.

But why do some and I stress some pilots think it acceptable, it seems to me particularly with microlights, to fly low over nature reserves scaring the wildlife and putting bird life to flight ?.

Please, give our natural resources a break, and skirt around reed beds and nature reserves !, they may look good from above but they look better undisturbed at ground level.

I can not remember where and when I took this image so it is not a personal statement about this particular micro-light.

Its not illegal above a certain base altitude but please show some consideration to wildlife and other peoples hobbies. 

Rant over ............

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