Tuesday, 27 January 2015

An under cover operator ........

........... out in the open.

The old alternative name for the Dunnock was Hedge Sparrow with some justification, it will be found around hedgerows and any fairly rough vegetation where it feels very safe and secure.

They also spend quite a lot of time in winter investigating leaf litter where their plumage really camouflages them well.

The image was taken at Grafton Park, near Grafton Underwood in East Northamptonshire, it was nice today to meet another regular at the Park again, Adrian with his care worker who both stayed around to watch the woodland birds coming in to feed, Adrian is pretty good at recognizing the various Tit species, particularly Blue Tits and has the same love of the woodlands that I do, time spent in woodlands can be very therapeutic.

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  1. Great shot. I have to agree about the therapeutic bonus of Green spaces and wildlife. I read an online article about prisoners doing the rspb garden watch and the advantages of connecting with nature.