Wednesday, 14 January 2015

A handful of seed at Grafton Park ......... one perch - five species.

..... is all that it takes for a photo opportunity.

Mid-day, hovering around freezing, one hour, good light, from the car with a bean bag, willing subjects, magic !.

I have never seen so many Nuthatches and Marsh Tits in one place.

It was very amusing when three Nuthatches decided to feed at the same time, there was quite a vicious fight with birds being pinned to the ground by extremely sharp looking beaks but sadly too mobile for an image .... what striking calls Nuthatches have ...... you learn every time you go out ! 

                                                                         Blue Tit
                                                                       Marsh Tit
                                                                      Great Tit
                                                                           Coal Tit


  1. A great set of images, I hadn't realised but I have never heard a Nuthatch I had to search for a call on the net