Monday, 11 May 2015

A Swift image ...... and a word of warning ...... always check your camera settings !

......  last weekend I went out with the objective of getting a few Hobby images and I couldn't understand why the auto focus was playing up.

Surely not another expensive return to the Nikon service centre !

Logic prevailed, brain was engaged and sure enough the problem was traced to an elementary error, somehow I had knocked the metering switch to spot rather than centre weighted which is my preferred setting for in flight shooting.

I then targeted some Swifts, the images are o.k., but again I need to hone my technique to improve images of these fast flying charmers as they scream through the sky, it was nice to get some eye contact.

You live and learn.


  1. Tricky bird to expose for. I often don't bother unless I have crystal clear skies and bright sunshine. Even then it's one of them birds that I can take 100's of images and have so few 'keepers'

  2. Hi Doug, your images of Swallows and Swift in flight are a strength of yours, I'm just playing around but your input greatly appreciated ...... many thanks,