Monday, 11 May 2015

Best in flight of the day ....... an '' X-ray '' image of the birds wing structure.

I went down to the reserve today with the sole intention of capturing some Hobby images, sadly they were very high up chasing their food sources so no joy there then.

Birding is however always a question of making the most of what presents themselves for an image.

And this Little Egret didn't disappoint.

Love it, great light, tip to tail focus .... the only thing missing was a background to give perspective to the shot.

What a great finish to the day.


  1. I'm laughing in a nice way at the moment, we seem to be getting the same species, so with that in mind I hope you find and photograph a Wood Warbler and Turtle Dove as I need both too :-)

    1. I had noticed that as well Doug ..... as I said in one of my recent posts bird photography is like cooking, you take advantage of whats available seasonally.