Sunday, 26 April 2015

Where there are food sources there are predators ...... Titchmarsh LNR.

From the Peter Scott hide at TLNR.

In recent times there has been a visible increase in Swan and  Duck carcasses around the reserve, this fellow and his piers are certain to be responsible for  a great proportion of them ...

So what is the Wild Life Trusts policy ? ...... I don't know ..... but the reality is that nature balances availability and demand in many environments ..... personally, for me, I accept this status quo.


  1. I think in most instances the WT doesn't practice predator control. Personally I think it's a very steep and slippery slope once you practice predator control ie if you kill one fox do you then justify raptors or even badgers to be controlled.
    Great shot, I love the fact it's in the reed bed

  2. Great capture John I have seen him there a few times