Saturday, 11 April 2015

Down to earth Chiffchaff at Titchmarsh LNR.

It's very satisfying to photograph a Chiffchaff down at ground level, in this case in the rough at the side of the reed beds from the South hide at TLNR, normally they are distantly seen fluttering around in the canopy.

And what a tidy little bird this is giving good eye contact whilst bathed in late afternoon sunlight.

Summer migrants are now returning to the reserve in some numbers with Sedge warblers and Blackcaps heard and seen today ....... bring on the Reed Warblers.


  1. Glad you got Sedge Warbler today, at the reed bed today I didn't hear one, plenty of Chiff-Chaff and Willow Warbler

  2. Its funny really Douglas, we are only a few miles apart and yet the birds seem to have personal preferences where the chose to pitch up first.