Wednesday, 29 April 2015


I don't recall as many Chiffchaffs on the reserve as we have this year, they seem to be everywhere.

Similarly we seem to have attracted more Nightingales than usual.

The corner of the reserve where they are traditionally found  I call '' Nightingale corner '' - ( see map of the reserve in the '' pages '' section of the blog ) which has two or three birds this year however another bird is to be found near the Kirby hide opposite the Elinor fishery and a further bird near the bench overlooking Aldwincle lake.

( It still doesn't make Nightingales any easier to see or photograph ! ).

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  1. It's funny with the Chiff-Chaff as some of the sites I've visit it's the same however Common Whitethroat are the same. Brilliant news that Titchmarsh has another Nightingale on site.