Friday, 31 July 2015

I think that I saw one of the chicks out on the beam today, but in shadow.

Well, you really can't fault the parents for their food supply commitment to their brood .... in fact sometimes it amazes me how they can see where they are going with their beaks laden with insects.

I have checked some of my in-flight images, sadly none worthy of posting, you can however see that as they approach their perching position ( nearly always the same give or take 20mm ) they incline their heads  ........ a bit like the '' droop snoot '' of Concord.

It may well be that the chicks will fledge over the weekend when I will not be around. 


  1. It's got a right mouth full there John. Evidence of the abundance of insects we've had this year.

  2. I'm really enjoying keeping a diary of this family as it develops Doug, strokes for folks I guess ...we all get our enjoyment viewing as many habitats as possible .... this semi-industrial perspective is quite interesting away from foliage etc etc but sometimes a bit clinical maybe.