Thursday, 23 July 2015

Busy, busy and busy again ....

There is something very '' cocky '' about Pied Wagtails and I don't just mean their wagging tails !.

I think that they must be having a good breeding season as I am seeing no shortage of pairs and they are certainly catching and feeding good quantities of food to their young.

Pied Wagtails are very tolerant of humans, I use my car as a hide at a non stressful distance and they will quite often hesitate for a short period of time with their beaks laden with insects before the drive to feed their young gets the better of them and they flutter into the site of the nest.

It is an honour to view their antics.


  1. If you're passing nearby John swing through Pineham/Swan Valley industrial estate I've never seen so many. Definately appear to be having a good year. I stopped counting at 22!! A mix of adults and juveniles. We had one nesting in our truck wash in our yard so we stopped using it (guess who has to do the jet washing lol) we even have them perched on our trailers catching wasps. Great images.

  2. They really are cracking little characters Doug and largely ignored by the birding population