Monday, 13 July 2015

Avocet overhead ...... Frampton Marsh.

...... and a bowel movement to boot.

Sometimes sitting in a hide for a photographer with a limited lens combo, opportunities are limited ....  so time to get outside !

The light was quite good and this bird suddenly appeared overhead, what a stonker.

Traditional distant shots on the ground have limitations for my lens combination but this chap gave me a great '' in flight '' opportunity.

I'll take it !


  1. It looks like it's on the way to attack something or defend it's possible young. It's the smaller things I notice in the image like the mud falling from the sky. Typical 'exocet' behaviour lol

  2. Great shot of this iconic bird John, very nice.

  3. Thanks Doug and Graham,

    The '' mud '' is actually '' poop '' ..... it certainly is an iconic bird and a pleasing in flight target, I'm very happy with the result !

    Cheers, John..