Wednesday, 29 July 2015

Another Pied Wag .....

I'm really getting in tune with these birds.

As a pair they are busily feeding their chicks in a nest that I am monitoring, the number of trips to the nest that they are making is amazing. 

The location of the nest is on top of the end of girder where it enters and is supported by the brickwork of a building and certainly well hidden, the only clue to its presence is poop staining the bricks.

This may very well be a second brood and I am looking forward to the fledging of the chicks that can't be long away now, how many ? ..... usually five to six  ...... watch this space.


  1. Be good news if it does get a second brood though the weather seems to be getting colder and colder :-(

  2. Really enjoying this encounter Doug ..... I never realised what characters these guys are !