Monday, 24 November 2014

Titchmarsh murmuration update 24.11.14

Great  late afternoon light today, good numbers of birds in the flocks but for some reason the murmuration dropped down into the roosts fairly early on arrival before being fully formed.

I was speaking with Andy Howe and there appears to be some mileage, based on recent observations, that the murmurations stay airborne for longer in overcast conditions, no science in this thought other than experience. 

Tonight I again turned left on arrival at the reserve from the Aldwincle reserve car park and walked up the meadow toward the wooden bridge, better low horizons give more warning of the movement of sparrowhawks, but that does not make them easy to photograph I can assure you !.

The shape of the flock below reminds me of the profile of a Sparrowhawk in flight, the very birds hawking the murmuration .....   or is my Imagination getting a bit hyperactive ?.

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