Monday, 10 November 2014

The Titchmarsh Murmuration continues to develop

As the reedbeds and therefore the Starling murmuration are very close I replaced my 420mm lens combination with an 18-135 zoom.

This evening the light was perfect, a cloudless sky kept the birds in the air '' murmuring ''
for longer than usual.

As far as stills shots are concerned the results are acceptable but never capture the liquid movement of the birds that a video can achieve.

The downside when you only have one camera body with you is that when an alternative opportunity presents itself it creates the '' wrong lens '' syndrome, this was certainly the case when one of the marauding Sparrowhawks captured its supper. 

Another opportunity that will hopefully present itself as a result of being on the reserve at sunset could be the appearance of the local Barn Owls .... watch this space !.   

A friend of mine and locally based naturalist and Videographer, Graham Barker took some excellent video footage of theTitchmarsh murmuration the other evening, the following link takes you to his web site. 

Worlds fail me in trying to do justice to the physical presence, sight and sound of the experience.

Wrong lens - heavily cropped record shot of a Sparrowhawk disappearing with its supper.


  1. You've nailed the murmaration perfectly in my opinion, a stunning sight. Well done

  2. Many thanks for your kind words Douglas, I'm making the most of it and its getting better weekly.