Wednesday, 19 November 2014

Dank, damp, overcast, grey and misty ....... and lousy light, apart from that quite a nice day really ......

Summer Leys certainly did not live up to its name weather wise last Sunday.

However, every cloud has a silver lining and this came in the form of several rather showy Green Woodpeckers, at one stage I had two in sight on adjacent fence posts, one of which adopted the classic frozen  '' beak up in the air '' posture of alertness..

The only other things of note were close encounters with a party of four Little Grebes in a grassy inlet, I've never seen so many together in such a a small area of water, nice to see but unfortunately  not good for photography.

A Male Blackcap was showing, I suspect a resident over wintering bird but who knows as migrant birds have started arriving for the winter, Golden Plovers and Lapwings were in evidence together with all the usual suspects.

A number of territorial Robins were displaying probably due to the unseasionally mild weather.

                                                 A misty image on a misty day

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