Wednesday, 19 November 2014

Titchmarsh Murmuration update ...... 19.11.14

Still images just do not do justice to this nightly spectacle but certainly give an indication of the size of the murmuration.

I have been viewing this occurrence two or three times a week for some time now, this evening was the first time that the majority of birds used a different reed bed, I think the one on the pit side of the wooden bridge on the Titchmarsh side of the reserve.

Eyesight alone is all that you really need to use to capture the morphing of the birds into a myriad of liquid shapes and forms.

If you do visit please keep an eye out for the local Sparrowhawks chasing the birds.


  1. I'm loving the starling images, must be one of great spectacle. The 3rd image is my favourite due to the shape and sheer numbers, very well done on them all though

  2. Cracking images John, I thought you would have gone through one of your images and counted the dots to give us a rough idea of the numbers!!!;-)