Saturday, 22 November 2014

Cettis Warbler

As usual with the Cettis warbler it rarely shows itself fully, but when it does it is a delightful bird to get a photograph of.

At Titchmarsh LNR we have had around twelve Cettis territories throughout the summer and last winter we had six over wintering birds.

Whist they tend to skulk deep in bramble patches and vegetation, on their day they can also be quite inquisitive and showy particularly when displaying.

The mild Autumn and winter to date is confusing many birds in my experience, Robins are certainly being very territorial at the moment. 


  1. Well done on the Cettis I know how hard it is to photograph.

  2. Thanks Douglas, not the best of shots but a joy to see, have you viewed the Titchmarsh murmuration !