Saturday, 8 November 2014

SAD - Seasonal affective disorder ...........

It's nearly mid November and I have to say that, so far, the weather here in the UK is treating us very kindly.

As I look forward to what the winter brings to us I also can't help recalling some of the pleasures that Summer 2014 presented to me at the reserve.

With the Gravel pits at Titchmarsh LNR and the River Nene running at its Eastern boundary we are blessed with a real cross section of flora and fauna.

More and more I am becoming attracted to other elements of wildlife photography, of course birds continue to be my primary interest, but I have to say that given the limitations that my telephoto lens present for macro work I am really happy with some of the results that I have been able to achieve - Banded Demoiselle just alighting on a phragmite and a Common Blue Butterfly being just two  of them.

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