Friday, 5 December 2014

The Titchmarsh Murmuration - update 05.12.14

Every time I view this spectacle it differs, no two times are the same.

This evening the sky was cloudless and the the birds started arriving about 3.45 but never really formed a condensed murmuration.

Currently, the birds seem to be favouring and are best viewed from the Titchmarsh side of the reserve ( from the Aldwincle car park turn left on entering the reserve,  through Titchmarsh wood and walk up the meadow along the mown path until approximately fifty meters short of the wooden bench ), the birds are dropping into the reed beds in front of you, also keep an eye behind you as they are using the reed beds across the river back towards Aldwincle.

As always Sparrowhawks were in attendance.

It was all over by 4.15.  

                                                            Full Moon on the rise 


  1. Thanks for your guidance this afternoon. A great experience of my first proper murmuration!

  2. My pleasure Roger, you were good company and old farts like us have to stick together !

    Best regards,