Friday, 26 December 2014

Stocking the larder .........

The birds visiting my feeding Station at Grafton Underwood are responding very well to the seed and peanuts that I am providing for them in exchange for good photo opportunities.

Just before Christmas I was unable to access the area with my car / hide so I walked up with my tripod and used a remote shutter release from a distance of about four to five meters as the birds arrive and depart very quickly and their movements are difficult to track through the viewfinder.

Despite the still relatively mild weather all of the birds species have become very confiding and ignore my presence, even the Nuthatches which are normally very retiring birds.

At one point today I had three Nuthatches in my line of sight, they were coming and going with great frequency so I guess that they are cacheing peanuts for the harder times to come.

A videographer friend of mine, Graham Barker, saw some Common Redpolls here recently so there is another challenge, what would I give for some Bramblings as well !.

Below is a link to the video that Graham took of his visit published on U-tube.


  1. Beautiful images of the nuthatch. It's odd I'm struggling to connect with either Siskin, Redpoll and Brambling at the moment

  2. You are posting great photos John !!

    1. Thanks John !, long time no see. I have lost you e-mail address if you could re send it much appreciated.