Thursday, 11 December 2014

High rise living ...... The Titchmarsh Heronery

Titchmarsh LNR used to have a renowned heronery that has diminished in size in recent years.

Mirroring life, someone is always ready to take advantage of population changes and this is certainly the case with the Little Egret which has moved on to the reserve in numbers over the last decade, maxima in early November this year was seventeen birds.

Little Egrets do not flock in the accepted sense but rather form loose associations when in flight together, I was recently lucky enough to see six birds in the air together in transit between the Barclaycard pit and Town Lake, Thrapston, It was quite a sight. 

Usually I see Little Egrets on the ground or in short flights around the Reserve, certainly a bit different therefore to see one at roost during the day.

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