Saturday, 15 August 2015

A privilege to photograph.

As the crow flies Titchmarsh LNR is not too far away from Duxford and we are quite often graced with sightings of WW II veteran aircraft.

In this case a Spitfire TR Mk IX ML407 ( Civil registration G-LFIX ) known as the '' Grace '' Spitfire due to its ownership.

A two seat trainer she completed a few loop-the-loops and barrel rolls over the reserve before heading off, what an evocative tone that Merlin engine has. 

                                                                  Top of the loop

Painted in the camouflage of the Royal New Zealand Air Force with whom she spent some time during the war she was also used by the Polish and French Free Air Forces amongst others during an illustrious career.

I  understand that globally there are fifty five airworthy Spitfires, many static examples and encouragingly many more actively being renovated or in storage awaiting renovation.


  1. I have a theory the pilot if he/she's someone below does an impromptu disabled, sounds crazy but twice I've been stood in a location and Grace has flown over and it's down exactly the same thing.

  2. Funny you should say that Doug ..... the normal pilot is a female and wife of the majority owner !