Sunday, 16 August 2015

Harvest time is upon us as is this years crop of Sparrowhawks

I spent a very pleasant hour watching three fledgling Sparrowhawks and the parent birds on the Aldwincle side of the reserve late afternoon yesterday. 

Contact calling frequently from a small coppice between the village church and the reserve boundary they could be seen taking to the air to greet their returning parents and I was able to witness a number of food passes.
From time to time the fledgelings would disperse to nearby perching trees but never for too long before resuming their presence at the main roost.

A most enjoyable experience.



  1. Have you had the chance to witness the adult bird teaching the young to catch? If you haven't you got to check it out. The adult bird catches a bird but doesn't kill it but disables it. It then drops the bird for the young to pursue and catch. If they don't catch it before it hits the ground it swoops in, snatching it then does it all over again. It's fascinating to watch, if you're lucky.

  2. I have never seen this behaviour Doug but will certainly keep an eye out for, I always think that once you are aware of a behaviour you are more likely to remember it, thanks for the advice !.