Monday, 10 August 2015

A challenge to the Botanists amongst you !

On Sunday I was at Wood Walton Fen near Cambridge and came across the following.

I thought that it was a seed pod of sorts but I didn’t want to to remove it for analysis, it was one of several in a bunch, each about four-five  inches in length  approx. three feet above ground level in amongst mixed thistles and grasses and rough vegetation by the side of a ditch.

At first sight they looked a bit like young cucumbers.

Any ideas !

My thanks again to the ever helpful Dr Peter Llewellyn, who responded with a minimum of delay.

'' Hello John, try Yellow Flag (Iris pseudacorus) fruit under Google images and see if that is like the thing you saw.

Regards, Peter L. ''

Spot on Peter, many thanks once again.

Did any one get it right ?.


  1. I wouldn't have had a clue to be fair John. I can see why you thought perhaps cucumber.

  2. Me neither Doug, the eminent Dr Llewellyn tells me that it is Yellow Flag Iris fruit ..... the power of Google and people who are willing to share their knowledge never fails to amaze me !.