Tuesday, 10 March 2015

This chap is showing really well at Titchmarsh LNR

What clean lines the Great Spotted Woodpecker has, by this I mean the clear cut definition between the colours of its plumage.

This chap is being very showy at the moment, however I am not hearing any significant drumming. 

There are a number of regulars who visit the reserve, one of them, Rod, has recently put up some feeders next to the south hide, peanuts, mixed seed and Niger.

It hasn't taken the local birds long to find these sources of supplementary food. 

I don't usually do feeder images as I believe that they look unnatural, so I always select  birds before and after they arrive, it works for me.,                  

If you want close up views of a GSW, you now know where to go.

                               Easy, I can do this climbing stuff with my eyes shut.
                                          ....... I can also do it standing on one leg

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  1. Great images John, I do prefer the ones on the tree. It's interesting to hear about the drumming as our local ones a few weeks back were drumming regularly but have now fallen silent too