Saturday, 7 March 2015

Sometimes ..... just sometimes ......

....... conditions that can conspire against you relent and give you a break, it makes all of the time and effort that we invest in our hobby worth while.

At Titchmarsh LNR this afternoon the sky was cloudless, the spring sunshine was warm and mellow and the subject was fairly predictable allowing me to pre-focus on a spot that it was flying to on a regular basis.

I don't know how many times the shutter release on my D300s has actuated since I purchased it but the resultant image in this case is worthy of being up there with the best that, as an amateur, I have achieved.

I am away tomorrow so I couldn't resist posting this image today, love it !.


  1. Well done John, huge thumbs up from me. Not really achieved a gsw in flight yet myself.

  2. Fantastic shot John excellent timing !!