Monday, 2 March 2015

A very welcome winter migrant ....... Goosander.

Titchmarsh LNR is hosting a number of these long bodied sawbill ducks, its difficult to do too an accurate head count because of their mobility but I feel that there are at least eight males and 12 females on the reserve at the moment.

And what a strikingly handsome bird the Drake is with its black and white body, pinkish hued winter flanks and dark green head.

Its only when you have opportunity to view them at length the meaning of ''long bodied ' is truly apparent compared to other Duck species.


  1. I think these and Merganser are beautiful. We get (just 3 this winter) on our park and always get asked by people are they escapees lol

  2. Excellent shot John they are very wary and hard to get this close to well done