Thursday, 26 March 2015

Many happy returns to Titchmarsh LNR's Barn Owls.

I just couldn't resist it ......

Yesterday evening ..... 17.40, not the best of light but the Owl was out and about well before sunset which suits my 300mm + 1.4 T.c. f4 lens combination.

Through observation and presence I am learning a lot about Barn Owl photography, one thing seems to stand out.

Be patient !

Wait until the bird is within your desired range before pressing the shutter release because as soon as the Owl hears the noise it will veer off and you rarely get a second chance once it knows where you are, after the first encounter I move to a completely different position on the reserve..

Titchmarsh LNR has a number of reed beds of various sizes that give these Owls quite a large Territory to hunt over so be as mobile as the bird in pursuit of additional photo opportunities.   


  1. The first two images are brilliant John, well done

  2. Thanks Douglas, I appreciate your encouragement !.

  3. I Love the two head on shots John, brilliant.

    1. Thanks Graham ..... light was the critical factor for my lens combo.