Sunday, 8 March 2015

I think that the practice I am putting into '' in flight '' shots at Titchmarsh LNR is starting to pay off.

Following the Great Spotted Woodpecker image yesterday from Titchmarsh LNR here is a Cock Chaffinch in the same excellent light - 1/2000 sec exposure.

Of course, its a set up. 

To the right , just out of frame is a seed feeder and chaffinches are not very good at perching on these food containers so they tend to hover for a while before trying to settle.

Time spent observing is part of my approach to bird photography, having seen this activity it allowed me to pre-focus on the feeder and then move the target area slightly to the left, then a bit of patience and concentration is required until the subject presents allowing the opportunity to rattle off a few shots.

All in all a very satisfying experience.

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  1. Great work John, it's the reason I love Chaffinches so much. Great tip