Tuesday, 3 February 2015

Focus ...... or as one of my past Italian colleagues made it sound like ..... fu***** ..... apologies for the language !

One of the benefits of a broadside image of a bird when taken with a 420mm lens combination is that the focus is constant from side to side and top to bottom.

Too often with a head on shot the head is perfectly in focus but the tail and legs may be soft.

The downside with head on shots, in my opinion, is lack  of perspective, I always seem to prefer oblique shots where both eyes are on view but not head on.

Just some thoughts from an amateur who constantly tries to improve his technique.   


  1. There's another theory that your subject matter should be looking to the left like the nuthatch. Apparently because how we view an image and process it with our brains we're automatically prefer images where the subject matter is looking left, as an experiment have a look at the images you and everyone else has done and count which ones are looking left versus one looking right.

  2. Hi Douglas .... it would appear that you are right ..... I submitted a Fieldfare image to the Birdwatch magazine photo competition for January which, to my surprise, was published !

    The image I sent was looking to the right and yet when published was looking to the left ..... other people obviously support your theory !