Thursday, 19 February 2015

Bogy birds ....... Goldcrests.

If this cropped image is my best Goldcrest image to date you can only start to imagine how bad my other images of this species are.

We have no shortage of Goldcrests in Northamptonshire, some of my friends have them in their back gardens.

Goldcrests, our smallest bird species in the UK, are high energy feeders, flitting around many varied  habitats. On a below freezing night they can loose 30% of their body weight so in winter they feed incessantly.

I've been closer to them but all I got was blurred images of wings and feathers.

By my standards, If, In my opinion, I believe I have a good image of any bird I am happy to say so ....... but also if I am way off the mark I am willing to admit it.

As always with bird photography, right place at the right time with the right camera settings and I guess some luck all contribute to performance  ..... with this bird I have yet to get it right by a long mile ...... all bird photographers will understand this sentiment .......... very frustrating..

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  1. I think in terms of difficulty it's one of the hardest birds to keep in the frame, so I think you've done very well John