Wednesday, 11 February 2015

Dire light ..... with a few positive illuminating encounters - Post number 1 of 5.

Grey, grey and grey overcast conditions again.

Rather than make my usual circuit of the reserve I decided to camp out in the Heronry hide ( several pairs of Grey Herons are very busy repairing nests from last year )  for a while and see what came to pass.

First up in the series a Drake Goldeneye, there are a number around at the moment, highly energetic divers they seem to spend as much time under water as they do bobbing around on the surface.

They are spending a lot of time in and around the large Wigeon flocks. 

I saw a few of them displaying, throwing their heads back and calling, but was sadly unable to get a decent image.

What a stunning bird this winter visitor to our shores is.

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