Thursday, 5 February 2015

Another BO ......

I  am very pleased that this Barn Owl has recently been seen on a regular basis at the reserve ....... maybe an indication that breeding will take place again this year.

I love raptors and Owls in particular, Barn Owls are twilight operators for me, that dictate the results photographically, sometimes they co-operate and sometimes they don't, more often it is the light levels that dictate success or failure.

But, the sight of a Barn Owl quartering a meadow or reed bed  is just stunning, its like a personal physical experience.

When I am at the reserve it staggers me how people can walk around a nature reserve and actually see and hear nothing, its very sad, because we need to get as many people as possible on board if we are going to save wildlife from the pressures that it faces.

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